One unit of packed red blood cells (PRBC) contains about 180 ml of actual RBC, and is 310 ml total (270-350 ml). PRBC will typically have a hematocrit of 57-58% (50-65%).
Godchaux family’s transformational legacy continues with $6.6 million in gifts to the Vanderbilt School of Nursing. The Vanderbilt University School of Nursing received gifts this year totaling $6.6 million from the estates of Agnes G. Kirkpatrick Godchaux and Frank Godchaux III, BS’49, and Charles Godchaux, BA’52.
A nurse is preparing to administer packed RBCs 280 ml IV to infuse over 4 hr to a client. The nurse should set the IV pump to deliver how many ml/hr 70 A nurse is preparing to administer nitroglycerin 50 mcg/min by continuous IV infusion.
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