Many parrots commonly kept as pets originate in South America. Here are some of the more common ones. Amazon Parrots vary in size, temperment, colour and noise among the approximate 30 different types. Often referred to as the "hot 3" are the Yellow Naped, the Double Yellow Head and the Blue Fronted.
South American Incan. Pariacaca, god of water and rainstorms; Paricia, god who sent a flood to kill humans who did not respect him adequately. African mythology Benin. Ezili, goddess of sweet water, beauty, and love; Dogon. Nommos, amphibious spirits that are worshiped as ancestors; Lugandan. Sezibwa, goddess of the Sezibwa River; Tonga
South (White) Because the southern sky is when the sun is at its highest, this direction stands for warmth and growing. The sun's rays are powerful in drawing life from the earth. It is said the life of all things comes from the south. Also, warm and pleasant winds come from the south.