Rock Cycle Notes Three Types of Rocks Sedimentary. The Rock Cycle The rock cycle is the combination of all the processes that act to break down rocks, move sedimentary rocks from place to place, and make new rocks. The processes of the rock cycle are very gradual and happens over times that range from thousands to millions of years or longer.
Life Cycle in Action. In this stunning picture of the giant galactic nebula NGC 3603, the crisp resolution of NASA's Hubble Space Telescope captures various stages of the life cycle of stars in one single view. To the upper right of center is the evolved blue supergiant called Sher 25.
The concept of the rock cycle is attributed to James Hutton (1726-1797), the 18th-century founder of modern geology. The main idea is that rocks are continually changing from one type to another and back again Explore the diagram by clicking the names of the rock types and clicking on the images.
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