Browse commercial tumble dryers. With compact ’light commercial’ models for limited floor space, through to heavy duty industrial dryers with larger drums and waist-high loading designs, it's easier than ever for busy businesses like yours to find the commercial dryers you need and bring your laundry in-house.
Maytag MODEL MLG33PDAWW Coin Operated Commercial Double Stack Dryer Got them from a closing laundry.They are in the same condition as they were at the moment they move them out of a laundromat. Dryers are not tested, repaired, refurbished, parted or even opened by us, yet the machines are in used condition.
Our stores have Dexter front-loading washers with fast extraction spin in five sizes from 18 to 80 lbs., and high efficiency dryers, 30 to 80 lbs., so you never have to wait to finish your laundry. Coin Laundry or apps, all of our machines are computer operated and are activated using the Easy Card system.
This coin operated washing machine is self-made. No electronic circuit is used for this fabrication. The Yuba City Police Department said thieves stole coin-operated washing machines in several apartment complexes by cutting water lines and electrical cords, and carrying off the whole machine...